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Masterful design. Precision performance. State-of-the-art innovation. For more than 130 years, Vulcan’s line of commercial gas and electric equipment has been the top choice of chefs and foodservice operations for top-quality performance and spectacular results.

Hot Food Fast
Heat up creativity in the kitchen with a full line of cooking equipment. Vulcan griddles and charbroilers help cooks add a new twist to pancakes, burgers and other grilled delights.

Range Lines offer innovative features to help improve productivity
in the kitchen and deliver consistent, high-quality results that keep
diners coming back for more. Available in configurations best suited
to the needs of any foodservice operation.

Fry Right
Vulcan fryers do the job right – like the PowerFry VK and TR Series Fryers. These high-performance, Energy Star rated models feature revolutionary technology that maximizes uniform heat for faster recover and cook times; plus Vulcan’s exclusive Kleenscreen PLUS filtration system, is the easiest to use in the industry. Models and features available to match the demands of any size operation, including gas or electric, freestanding, and 2-, 3-, or 4-battery configurations.


Convection Perfection
While menu items may vary in your kitchen, you can alway count on our convection ovens to consistently deliver superior results. Whether you choose single or double-stack, gas or electric, Vulcan’s ovens save on operating costs with an energy-efficient heat recovery system.

Power Steam Series
Keep up with demanding operations and customer desire for the hottest new dishes. Offering a full line of convection and connectionless steamers deliver delicious results with faster cooking times. Available in 3, 5, 6 and 10 pan capacities. Vulcan Kettles are available from 6 to 150 gallon models. Choose from electric, gas, floor and counter units.

Combi Ovens
Boasting versatility and ease of
operation, Vulcan Combi ovens are
the ideal choice for K-12 foodservice.
With gentle air circulation and even
heat distribution, these all-purpose
ovens with 7 sheet pan capacity,
produce delicious, evenly cooked
casserole dishes, vegetables
meats, and baked goods that
students of all ages will enjoy.

Holding & Transport
Holding and meal delivery cabinets
exclusively for the special needs of
healthcare and corrections facilities.
Available in a range of tray capacities,
these units offer durable construction,
fully welded 12-gauge hinges and
removable slide trays, top-mounted
convected air, and other features
that hold up to the daily demands
of these operations.

Some of our Bally Projects…

Rehabilitation Center

Business School

K-12 Commissary Kitchen