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Vulcan Training Kitchen in Chelmsford, MassachusettsA Vulcan training kitchen is a great idea for all restaurant and commercial kitchen owners or managers considering buying top quality Vulcan commercial kitchen appliances. A Vulcan training kitchen provides outstanding hands-on training and familiarization for any chef or line cook who will be using Vulcan products.

If you’re a commercial kitchen owner or manager looking for training on Vulcan products you’ll find the region’s best facility at Dave Swain Associates in Shirley, MA. Dave Swain Associates features the area’s only fully-equipped Vulcan training kitchen in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. You’ll find such high-end equipment as the Vulcan VC5G gas convection oven with fully-removable, dishwasher-safe oven doors to make cleaning easy.

Dave Swain Associates’ Chelmsford, Massachusetts Vulcan training kitchen features a complete line of Vulcan products for you to see and evaluate up close. In addition to the Vulcan VC5G gas convection oven, you’ll find the latest in Vulcan fryers, including Vulcan PowerFry fryers with a significantly lower idle rate to save energy and money. This ENERGY STAR-rated fryer at the Vulcan training kitchen in Chelmsford, Massachusetts features shorter cook times for optimum throughput, quick temperature recovery, less oil absorption, and reduced oil top-off.

Other popular Vulcan products available for up-close evaluation and familiarization in the Vulcan training kitchen include:

  • Vulcan Ultrasonic Scale Prevention unit that automatically prevents scale inside Vulcan electric generator-based steamers.
  • Vulcan Insulated Humidified Cabinet that automatically adjusts humidity to eliminate guesswork and additional training.
  • Vulcan Heavy Duty Finishing Oven that offers better performance and lower cost than a traditional convection oven.
  • Vulcan VTEC Charbroilers for enhanced productivity, unmatched energy efficiency, and easy operation.

The Chelmsford, Massachusetts Vulcan training kitchen at Dave Swain Associates also features Vulcan’s Minijet combi oven, designed to provide unparalleled versatility in a wide range of commercial kitchen operations. And, of course, the best way for you to effectively these and any other Vulcan kitchen product is to get your hands on one at the Vulcan training kitchen in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

To learn more about Vulcan products and how to take advantage of the Vulcan training kitchen, contact the Vulcan sales experts at Dave Swain Associates.